The carpentry done by using  profiles with 5 rooms, windows and doors from the FORIS company, having a German ROTO  NT hardware, guarantees an excellent thermal insulation. During the winter it keeps the warm efficiently  inside and in the summer protects the house from the outside heat, keeping a pleasant coolness.

Excellent thermal insulation PVC FORIS carpentry leads to a reduction in heating costs essential for the winter and the air conditioning during the hot days of the year.

By changing some old windows, heat loss is reduced by 20 to 30%, we have a high thermal insulation, leading to savings of tens of thousands of dollars for an average size home during the cool period.

European Union Directive no. 2002/91/EC of 16.12.2002 on the energy characteristics of buildings, which imposes the obligation to obtain energy certificates for buildings newly constructed and existing ones underscores how much importance is put currently on thermal insulation for all building elements, among them and joinery windows.

Windows and doors products are installed by our partners in Italy, Austria, Sweden.

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